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Hollywood Flakes: Now Dispensing Trite, Condescending Advice!

I can’t wait.


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Someone is organizing a Pasadena scooter riding group: Want to join our scooter gang?

And someone is offering to train anyone from “all two legged walks of life” in Samurai sword wielding: Samurai Sword Training Group

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Girl talk

Neighbor Hugo Schwyzer knocks it out of the park again*: Girl talk, depression, and culturally conditioned rivalry. Excerpt:

“…because we inculcate in girls an absolutely impossible, unattainable ideal of physical and emotional perfection at such an early age, we set many young women up both for self-loathing and for hostility towards their female peers….[T]hose of us who care about young people need to be particularly attuned to the lack of resources that young girls have for safe and healthy opportunities to talk. Safe and healthy, by definition, means an uncompetitive environment, and it means providing them with understanding listeners whom these girls will not perceive as either judges or rivals.” (Link)

*If you didn’t see his post last month titled “Fat”, “Slut”, “Selfish”: a note on the three great fears, it’s also worth a read.

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On a personal note, my mother-in-law just started a blog! I got to help with the process, and it was the highlight of my week. The new blog is Andrea Doughtie, Rural Painter.

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Happy birthday to Aaron Proctor, who turns 26 today.

Aaron at the Pasadena bloggers’ picnic in May

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Former Caltech mathematics professor John Todd died last week. His wife, Olga Taussky-Todd was the first woman professor at Caltech. Olga Taussky-Todd’s autobiography is available on the Caltech Archives website, and an oral history interview with John Todd is posted on the Center for Advanced Computing Research site.

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Erin and Superspark came over on Saturday to make preserves. Superspark brought plums from her apartment complex and Costco, and we went over to the Pasadena farmers’ market for strawberries and apricots.




Picture taking

Post production photo shoot


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