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I’ve been playing hooky here for the past month or so, and in the meantime, I’ve been working on something new. I’m a stepmom, and the kids’ mom and I decided to start a blog with stories about our experiences and ideas and tips about raising kids in two houses.

It’s called The Doughtie Houses Exchange, which was originally the name we gave the envelopes we’d give the kids to put in their backpacks and deliver to the other house. (Don’t worry — this wasn’t — and isn’t — our only method of communication. We also talk on the phone and email constantly.) But our kid-mail system was symbolic for both of us of how we try to cooperate between houses — how we make sure the other house has copies of all the important papers, for starters. So we named our blog after it. I’m very excited about where this might go. I hope to see you there: http://thedhx.com.

And now that it’s launched, I promise to be here more, too.


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Intro to blogging

I gave an “Intro to Blogging” talk at the Caltech webmasters forum last week. Here’s a link to my slides. (You can click your mouse or use your arrow keys to move through the presentation. I used S5 to make these.)

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I’m on Twitter.

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Pasadena Conversations is my new blog where I will post what I learn providing consulting for individuals and organizations who want to use blogs and other web-based community-building tools. It will include periodic tutorials, starting with RSS 101.

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