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Goodbye, Wild Oats

Goodbye, Wild Oats.

It’s so empty.

We’ll miss you.

Kelly at West Coast Grrlie Blather has posted a great collection of links about the new Whole Foods flagship store.

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Goodbye to Alfred Peet

Alfred Peet, the founder of Peet’s Coffee and Tea, died today.

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Former Caltech mathematics professor John Todd died last week. His wife, Olga Taussky-Todd was the first woman professor at Caltech. Olga Taussky-Todd’s autobiography is available on the Caltech Archives website, and an oral history interview with John Todd is posted on the Center for Advanced Computing Research site.

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Goodbye, Coffee Tree

Word on the street is that The Coffee Tree is closing this coming Wednesday. It’s quiet, tucked away place to sit and read or think. I’m sorry to hear that it’s leaving.

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