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Someone is organizing free sewing get-togethers at the Couture Gallery in Old Town: Free Sewing and “Sewcializing”!


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Someone is organizing a Pasadena scooter riding group: Want to join our scooter gang?

And someone is offering to train anyone from “all two legged walks of life” in Samurai sword wielding: Samurai Sword Training Group

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Someone is organizing a kickball game tomorrow morning at Hamilton Park and inviting the general public to come play.

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Outdoor movie nights

The South Pasadena Preservation Foundation is showing free movies outside on the lawn next to the historical museum on Saturday nights. Here’s a link to the schedule online, and here’s a close-up:

Schedule close-up

View from the grass

The poster

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Pictures from the RRFM

At last weekend’s Pasadena Really Really Free Market I got a purse, a shirt and a dress. I also gave away some new army surplus bags, cd holders, metal shoe racks and a pristine dog bed. (Our recently departed dog rejected it in favor of the best chair in the house.)

The best thing about the RRFM, though, was the people. I love meeting and chatting with neighbors, and atheist though I am, I really like Bresee Nazarene Church’s pastor, Rick Savage, who is always around helping things run smoothly or just being friendly in a neighborly kind of way.

Baby on Pastor Rick Savage’s shoulder

John Loghry on guitar


More books

Red boots

Pants that were not my size

Records and snacks

A free learn to make jewelry station

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John Loghry and family, organizers of Pasadena’s Really Really Free Market

The next Pasadena Really Really Free Market (RRFM) will take place this coming Saturday, July 14. In the spirit of the RRFM, I’ve created a temporary blog for RRFM announcements and pictures — it may be the permanent blog, or it may be the precursor to the permanent blog. In any event, it is at http://rrfm.wordpress.com, and more details about this coming Saturday are posted here.

A little guitar playing

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Pasadena’s first Really Really Free Market (RRFM) will take place this Saturday, June 30, in the parking lot of Bresee Nazarene Church at 1480 E. Washington Blvd in Pasadena. It will take place from 9 am to 1 pm.The RRFM is like a rummage sale, except that everything is free. There is no bartering, trading, buying or selling, and no corporate sponsorship. All items at the RRFM are offered freely. The RRFM is also a grass roots festival. It is the spontaneous creation of those who show up. How to participate in the RRFM:

  • First, show up. If you find something you need or want, take it.
  • Second, if you have something you don’t need or want, bring it. There will be plenty of space for you to set out your items.
  • Third, if you have a talent or skill you are passionate about, bring it. There will be a guitar circle at the first RRFM and likely at all or most subsequent RRFMs. If you cut hair and would like to offer this service free of charge, bring your tools. If you love to play chess, bring your board—we can provide the table. If you want to do an interpretive dance, bring your leotard.
  • Fourth, leave business cards at home. This event will be completely non-commercial, a drastic change from life as usual, which is increasingly dominated by corporate ads.
  • Fifth, tell your friends, especially if they are in need. All are welcome. Nothing will be reserved for those with “discretionary income.”

And remember, the RRFM will be what we make of it together. If you have an idea, bring it or contact the temporary project “leader” John L. at jbloghry at aol dot com .

This will be the first of (hopefully) many RRFMs to be held this summer and fall, at both this location and at other locations.

This announcement was received through the email grapevine and posted with John L’s permission. The email also included a link to a site about an RRFM that takes place every month in Carrboro.

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