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Last week Caltech harvested its campus olives and sent them off to be pressed into olive oil.

Olive harvesting

Trees in the lineup

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Boo! This is Gavin posting that we’re having office ours at Wheatberry today from 10:15 or so until noon-ish. They have wireless. I’ll be hacking.

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Backyard fig

Backyard fig

Our neighbor has a fig tree, and a few branches hang over our fence. Today some friends came over to pick figs from our side of the fence, and it was discovered that figs dried on the tree (like this one) taste like Fig Newtons.

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Erin and Superspark came over on Saturday to make preserves. Superspark brought plums from her apartment complex and Costco, and we went over to the Pasadena farmers’ market for strawberries and apricots.




Picture taking

Post production photo shoot


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Tierra Miguel is a Community Supported Agriculture foundation — a CSA — that grows certified organic produce locally and delivers to Pasadena and other places in Southern California. Members pay a monthly fee and receive a box of the CSA’s produce every week or every other week.

A friend invited me to come with her to pick up her box of produce:

Tierra Miguel boxes

Looking inside

News from the farm


Food, 2

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Tableau Vivante has some great pictures posted from this morning’s Farmers’ Market. One of the farms is selling apriums, and the way she describes them is making me salivate.

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